Welcome to the ‘South West Baptists’ website. The South West Baptist Churches Network is a supportive collaboration of Baptist churches in the South West of Scotland. Recognising that our Baptist polity calls for a balance between the local congregation’s independence, and our wider interdependence, we see the Network as being a source of support and encouragement to large and small churches alike.

The Network had its origins in a Baptist Union of Scotland (BUS) initiative dating back to 2004. At this time, Noel McCullins, recently retired from pastoral ministry in Ayr Baptist Church, served as Mission Networker. When 5 years later, the BUS decided to end the Scotland-wide initiative, churches in the South West, affirming the value of the Network, agreed to establish the South West Baptist Network as a separate entity. Noel continued to serve, until his retirement in 2012.

After that, the Network was served and supported by Vince Jennings as our Mission Networker. Vince is the Pastor of Arran Baptist Church, which is the only island congregation within our network. He and his wife Elaine formerly served the South Beach church (Saltcoats).

After Vince completed his time as Networker at the end of 2015, the Steering Group began developing a renewed vision for networking that would be ‘project’ and ‘mission’ driven. Having taken time in 2016 to consider the potential shape of the Network to support this vision, the Network is being relaunched at a special meeting at Dumfries House on 19 March 2017.

This website will serve as a point of contact and news-board for the various Baptist churches in the South West of Scotland. From Saltcoats to the North, Wigtown to the South, New Cumnock to the East and Arran to the West you will find a Baptist church in most towns. Until this site is more fully developed, we suggest that you use a search engine such as Google to find details of congregations in specific towns.